Maiden Castle and its Early Prehistoric Landscape

Last week I led my first guided walk on the South Dorset Ridgeway. This walk was a slightly unusual one, in that I asked people to contribute their suggestions for locations and then based the walk around these. This meant that the location was a surprise until a few days before. There were a few repeated themes within the requests- the Neolithic was one, Long Bredy a second and Round barrows (or Tumuli) another.Walk at Maiden Castle

I decided that we would go to Maiden Castle because this would allow us to consider the Neolithic and Bronze Age landscape. It will also complement a future visit to Long Bredy. I promised the participants that I would not discuss the Iron Age and although I had to make a few quick references to it I think they were satisfied. I hope that this slightly different perspective gave them a greater understanding of the South Dorset Ridgeway.

A rough transcript of the whole walk is here

Maiden Castle Landscape

but I will also post it in segments over the next few weeks.

Maiden Castle Guided Walk

The feedback that I received on the walk was positive. This pick you own guided tour was more successful than I imagined. The participants seemed to like the idea of an element of surprise and were not put off by the subject not being directly what they had suggested. The only negative comment from somebody who elected not to come was that that Maiden Castle was a boring place to go for a guided walk. I hope that I proved otherwise to those that took that gamble and joined me. Thank you.

I hope to carry out future walks although nothing is planned at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for my advertising.




2 thoughts on “Maiden Castle and its Early Prehistoric Landscape

    1. Hayley Post author

      We had 11, a nice number, not too many but enough for a good discussion. I’m going to consider what the feedback meant for my research and will post about it soon.


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