It would appear that several months will always go past before I manage to update this blog. This is partly due to the nature of my research, I’m not finding out new things that often, certainly not in the way that fieldwork archaeology projects might. I’m currently in the middle of writing my thesis; ‘What have you discovered?’ I hear you ask. I’m not going to reveal too much just yet but I think it is suffice to say that community archaeology in Dorset is really interesting.

I’ve come across many fantastic examples and met some wonderful people. The focus of the current chapter is about setting the scene for community archaeology in the Dorset (and in Cambridgeshire my comparative area). It is really important to consider all the influences on the people that are practicing community archaeology, myself included.

I’ve looked at the development of professional archaeology, current population statistics, the study of archaeology in universities and much more. Of course one of the most important recent developments that I’m going to have to add is Brexit and all the potential ways that this might affect community archaeology.

In another chapter I have been thinking about local archaeology societies, what are they exactly? There are so many groups that might not define as archaeology societies but that have archaeological interests and even conduct fieldwork. There are also many groups where the term local doesn’t necessarily apply. Some groups seem to be interested in sites with a 50 mile + area. Within others the members live all across the county and  travel distances to come together on one site.


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